Taking Notice

Do you ever take notice of the questions you ask in your daily routine of being you? When you ask someone “You alright?” Or “How are you?”, are you ever prepared for the consequences?

The truth is, you never need to be prepared for the consequences. You will always receive the same answers… “Yes, thanks.” Or “I’m fine, thank you.” However it’s so easy to lie.

The word fine in itself has many ambiguous meanings, and what someone may class as “fine” may not be to someone else. Struggling to cope while your lungs swell with every issue you gather when you take that breath to mutter “I’m fine.” Is not a definition I’m willing to accept. So they lie. Depression chooses to lie and every answer is a lie, and every lie is a story and every story becomes tar slowly adding to the cultivation of plaques that poison their minds. They lie.

And because we don’t know any better, we accept it. Their “fine” is nothing more than a socially acceptable answer to a socially acceptable question in a socially inept world. We are ignorant. They lie because they have to. Because if they choose to tell the truth they are ridiculed for being different, as if normality is admirable, in their eyes it is.

Neither players in this game are prepared for the consequences. So society will now and always continue to be a lie.



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