Musical Perspectives

Everybody these days has that cliché “Music makes me free” attitude, but what people fail to realise is music does change you. Depending on the music you listen to and where you are at that exact moment in time, your entire perspective can change. Music can alter how you feel in various different ways. It can make you feel love, sentiment, resentment or deep pensive sadness.

I know i’m not the only person on this planet that sits on top of her newly made bedsheets, listens to James Blunt and reflects on all the ugliness in this world, and i’m not the only one that hears an Elvis song and instantly falls inlove with the person sitting across the room for the brief 3 minutes the song lasts before Daft Punk comes on and ruins the Romeo and Juliet scenario.

The truth is music does make you change. Whether it’s certain motifs, key changes or lyrics, I’d rather not look into the logistics.

Music generates a never ending arpeggio of emotion we can’t control.




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