Adapting to Change

As human beings, we all adapt to change differently. Something so minuscule as the weather can force us to change our attitude and in turn changes the attitudes of those around us. Change is inevitable.

However, change can become a problem if you are comfortable. What alarms me about change is the unpredictability of where it might lead. The butterfly effect put into simplistic terms generically says that everything you do, alters your life in some way or another. That in itself is a terrifying thought. Using that logic I could say that reading this has in fact made the rest of your life miserable. We will never know.

When you do have to adapt to change however, times can be tough. Depending on what age you are change is a hard choice to make that you expect to work out for the better. Universities, marriage, pregnancy, residency, occupation, they are all big changes. It’s just how you choose to utilise that change. It will be a struggle. I’m not going to lie, you will question your decisions, and you will doubt your standing.

But, you will survive whatever your choice, and support is always around the corner.

I believe in you.



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