Candles seem so generic. Little sticks of wax that burn down, to either create mood or fragrance. We take advantage of the beauty of candles. Something you can set fire to that won’t scream, won’t feel pain, won’t make you feel the slightest bit guilty. I have analogy for you…

Imagine we are all candles. We come in all different shapes and sizes, some fat, some thin, some tall and short. We come in different colors, whether black, brown, white it wouldn’t matter what color candle you are, you all do the same thing right? No room for prejudice, because we are all essentially made of wax. As to whether you want to debate that one candle is more superior because it is scented is entirely up to you.

Now imagine that candle wicks (That little piece of string that you burn) represents our life spans. Some choose to believe we are all made by one giant candle maker in the sky (which is okay) and some choose to believe we are a product of recycled wax that has been manipulated through time to make us how we are (which is also okay). Some have short wicks, others have long wicks, and most are average length. The flame represents our heart beating. Sometimes we cease to burn and we are lit again with the help of a flame wielding professional. When that wick runs and there is no more wax to burn, Our heart stops and we die. Thus being thrown in the bin and replaced for a new one. However, we don’t get to choose the length of our wicks, and some wicks are sometimes far too short and end up causing pain to those around us.

I know this has been long winded, but i’m almost there. What i’m trying to say is that at the end of the day, we are all made of wax, whether you chose to bias or not, but what makes us different is how bright we choose to burn, how intense the life that is our flame is, and how memorable that time between being lit and burning down really is.

Be memorable. Be bright. Be beautiful candles.




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