Time Is Precious

As a species we have managed to change and control everything that goes on around us, we can tell the future by merely looking at greying clouds, create life saving remedies from the ground we walk upon, we have tamed other species to jump on command and bring us newspapers. Our intelligence is never ending.

However, I’m still dazed when questioning why we have such little grip on time. After all, our lives are forever wasting away because of it. Because of time we lose loved ones. If that isn’t motivation enough then what is? You would think that because time is ever slipping through our fingers, we would have the capability to control it already… But we don’t.

So we choose to follow our daily routines that consist of pointless boring activities, while inside we pray to what God we choose that our family and friends will be spared.  That today will be a day like yesterday. Hoping that for the next 24 hours we spend brushing our teeth or sending emails, we aren’t met with the dark empty silences contained in apologies for loss. That you don’t wake knowing that the person you favour… is running out of time.

So we live in ignorance. Ignorance is bliss because it allows us to continue to achieve our life goals without the repetitive ticking of the life clock. And when the clock strikes 12 we are left to shatter like tainted windows into the deep spiralling depression of grief.

Yet time goes on. Stops for no animal nor man. Dictates our life.

I guess some things are just not meant to be tampered with.




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