Summer Nights

Do you ever find yourself in a montage? I watch adverts for products like coca-cola and see bands of teenagers in sunglasses and shorts with vest tops, contrasting against sunset backgrounds as they drive to their booming radio music. Hands flailing, Hair tussling in the wind as they surpass vast countrysides, and sing along with their friends. No responsibilities, no worries, no limits.

I don’t often feel liberated from the stresses of life, but last night was different. I felt like one of the teenagers in the Coca-Cola adverts. Sat in the back of the car with two of my closest friends listening to music while the sun was setting. Driving faster than the speed limit because sometimes that’s how we feel. Like for once I was travelling too fast for my problems to keep up. Knowing that nobody was going to tell me what to do or tell me how to feel, and although it only lasted  moment… Something as simple as sitting in the back of the car while we drive past uncommon ground, made me feel more alive than ever before. The thrill, the exhilaration, of breaking rules, doing things we weren’t supposed to, forgetting my adult responsibilities, allowing myself to be almost child-like just for a night, is something I will never forget. Rolling down the window as rebeliion for all the times I have felt suffocated by unrealistic expectations. Letting the air flow freely around the car as if it was breezing pure ecstasy.

I hesitated to pull out my phone and take pictures because I suddenly had an epiphany. If I pull out my phone now… and take pictures, would it make a difference? It would turn these memories into lifeless pixels.  So I chose to fully submerge myself in the moment, take notice of my surroundings and remember it, for now and always as one of the best moments I’ve experienced.

I don’t know what the moral of this story is. I’ve probably bored you to tears, but I would like you to make me a promise. Next time you are enjoying yourself, laughing, loving and living, don’t take out your phone. Instead engross yourself in the moment, and I promise, you don’t get any better than that.



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