One Teacher

It doesn’t take much to make someone feel appreciated and confident. As an aspiring writer, seeing the little notification pop up telling me that 4 people have liked a post Is unimaginable. The fact that even one person has taken the time to read something I have written is comforting. It gives me hope.

This post is for one reader inparticular. I just never had the confidence to tell her in person. This reader was a previous teacher of mine, and although sometimes a bit nutty, she never failed to make me smile. In her class, inside out cardigans and coffee stains hidden with an artistic scarf was a must. But the thing that distinguishes her from every other slow talking, tie wearing, PowerPoint monkey is that she never criticised me. She never told me I was wrong. Every suggestion, disagreement and creative thought was welcomed, and she wanted to build upon it, not knock it down to follow a curriculum. She could see my love for literature even when there were times I could not feel it.

I did not have the pleasure of being her student this past academic year unfortunately, but I know she has occasionally taken time out from her busy life to read what I have written. To attempt to understand the strange ways I voice how I view the world and everything in it. Even just that little bit of time spent flicking through my blog… Is a grand gesture on her behalf. If you do find yourself flicking over this, I want you to know, you somehow managed to light a fire inside me, and I’m gunna say what every  Alevel English teacher wants to hear (and mean it!)… You have inspired me, to do great things, to give the world my voice and to follow my writing dream wherever it may take me.

I am forever grateful for everything you have done.

Thank you, you




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  1. Jane Puddicombe says:

    I do pop in and peruse your writing Fish. Confession time – you were my first ever class. I’d never taught before that Wednesday morning. By about 9.27 am, I knew, with steadfast and unshakable conviction, that I would continue teaching for as long as I am able (inside-out cardigan, notwithstanding). So there you are Fish. I may have done my small part in encouraging you to find your path – but know this – with your wonderful way of viewing the world – you showed me mine. Jx


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