Poe’s Life Lessons

This blog has been up for a while now, and although I’m not a big shot internet writer, I am incredibly thankful for the occasional readers I do have, I truly am. But with every triumph comes criticism.

In less than a month I am moving half way across the UK to study English literature and creative writing at the university of my choice. This would obviously seem fitting as the English language is practically my entire life. I could wrap myself up in literary warmth for hours on end indulging in vast vocabularies and hand crafted dictionaries, but without a degree apparently I’m as much use as a loaf of bread strapped to a potato. So I’m starting a new adventure.

As a growing writer I am constantly confronted with miserable comments of people attempting to test my patience. My favourite being, ‘You’re writing is so dark, Poe would kill himself’ which is fair enough… Poe was a tortured individual himself.

Here is the thing, I’m a dark person, so therefore that is reflected in the work I produce. I find that there is equally as much to be said about a dark soul as there is about a light one, and I applaud myself for the ability to capture pain as it is not so easily written as it is felt. Therefore my writing style will not change.

That being said, yes some of my writing is morbid, overly detailed and contains disturbances… But life is oddly similar and acceptance leads to happiness.

This blog is called perspective of a little fish, and greying clouds, ticking life clocks and mass murders are all what shape my perspective. Perspective is an individual concept.

Perspective will always be individual. Remember that before slaughtering somebody else’s writing style.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. GDUKOfficial says:

    Your writing is incredible! Only change your style if you see fit, otherwise keep it up!


  2. DeAnn Writes says:

    There is no reason to be afraid of the dark, or to avoid it in writing, but its depths and textures can not be fully explored unless you also work with light. Light and Dark are companions, not enemies.


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