The Little Fish Behind The Words

This is a blog based off of my perspective on the world around me. I chose this title because i see myself as being a small insignificant part of society among thousands of others but instead i have chosen to voice my opinions, visions and reflections.

I am a little fish in a gigantic sea of opportunity, that i intend to share with readers.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Platypus says:

    I enjoy reading you blog so much, in a way yes it’s dark but not the bad kind of dark. You see the world in such an amazing way and you have been throw so much. I wish you all the best at uni and your future.

    Please never stop writing this blog. Even if you become a huge success, still remember your routes.




    1. jadedavey says:

      Thank you Platypus, that comment really made my day.


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